Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Niagara - Niagara 1971

The German Niagara were a group of funk percussionists formed existing between 1971-1973. Members included, on percussion: Klaus Weiss, Cotch Blackmon, Keith Forsey, Juan Romero, Udo Lindenberg, Danny Fichelscher, Joe Harris, George Green. Bass: Gary Unwin. Guitar: Paul Vincent. Horns: Ack van Royen. Sax & flute: Ferdinand Povel. Bass: Milan Pilar. Keyboard: Christian Schulze. They produced three albums: Niagara (1971), S.U.B. (1972) and Afire (1973). Since then Niagara: the Legendary Percussion Sessions has been released as a limited edition. It is extremely difficult to find more information on the project, even in the official biographies of Klaus Weiss and Udo Lindenberg.

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