Monday, December 12, 2011

Tiny Tim - Tiny Tim's 2nd Album 1969 - (Isle of Wight 1970)

Tiny Tim's 15 minutes of fame were starting to run out when Tiny Tim's Second Album was released in November 1968, and it sold only a fraction of what God Bless Tiny Tim moved a mere ten months earlier. But while the novelty of Tiny Tim's act may have worn off for the average record buyer, Tiny Tim's Second Album is hardly a disappointment from a creative standpoint; as he did on Tim's first LP, producer Richard Perry created a stereophonic wonderland around his star that at once suits the eccentric charm of his musical vision and lends a pleasing sonic diversity to the set, ranging from the string-based melancholy of "She's Just Laughing at Me" and the Parisian mood of "When I Walk with You" to the jaunty, lightly addled pop/rock of "We Love It" and the Nashville cowboy twang of "Have You Seen My Little Sue." Tim even proves he can tackle rock & roll with a cracking cover of "Great Balls of Fire," which sounds enthusiastic while still showcasing his trademark vibrato and falsetto. And while Perry's efforts to bring Tiny Tim into the '60s sometimes hang a little uncomfortably on Tim's shoulders, the singer approaches contemporary material from Hoyt Axton and Tom Paxton with the élan of a true showman. But Tiny Tim is clearly most at home singing chestnuts from the Tin Pan Alley era, and when he closes the show with "As Time Goes By," the man sounds like he's ascended to show business heaven. A very entertaining listen from a truly misunderstood artist. AMG.

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