Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Farm - The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun 1968

The Soundtrack to George Greenough's 1968 surf movie written and performed by Dennis Dragon (before the Surf Punks ), his brothers Doug and Daryl, (the Captain before Tennille ), and Denny Aaberg, (before Big Wednesday ).
The lead guitarist Denny Aaberg was a keen surfer and well known surf writer from Pacific Palisades ("Big Wednesday" was based on Denny Aaberg's surfing youth, with Bill Pritchard who is also in this soundtrack band), while others in the band have been Beach Boys-connected in the 1980s-90s. Ernie Knapp played bass with the Beach Boys for a year or more, while Dennis Dragon did sound work for them.
Lots of fun and empty waves, and a sense of surfing innocence that is not available today at the same places they surfed.

The finale to the film is a year later, 1969 Angourie, riding boards under 6 feet, trimming and turning from one point on the surfboard. Greenough had not only affected these guys with design, but was right there filming the whole thing with his gifted talent for film-making.

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