Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mother Night - Mother Night 1972

An obscure rocking funk combo from the early 70s -- one of a few, like Sweet Apple or High Voltage, who seemed to crop up on Columbia after the success of Sly & The Family Stone. Like those groups, and Sly, Mother Night's got a guitar-driven groove that was probably easy funk for the crossover crowd -- but like Sweet Apple, they're a bit hard-driven, with a heavy sound that really takes them over the top with a wild energy that probably kept them off of radio, and stuck in the underground. Lots of nice jamming, though, and these guys really know how to lay some jazzy chords into the mix to keep things fresh! Titles include "Julie Nixon", "Utopia", "Scuffle", "Warm Spot", "Groupie", "Guitar Man", and "Fools Are You".

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