Sunday, October 2, 2011

John Dummer Blues Band - John Dummer's Famous Music Band 1970

The band formed in 1967 in the London suburb. And inspired by the sound of Chicago's Blues.

John Dummer, drums, formed around him the Blues Band, the fluctuating line up.

Tony McPhee attend the combo time before joining the Groundhogs. The band released two LP blues flared well, but do not hang success.

Both album, released on Mercury, have become real collectors, and for blues fans, become essential for any respectable discography.

It was the meeting with violinist Nick Pickett's career took off from John Dummer.

After dissolving the Blues Band, he formed with Nick's Famous Music Band, blues and develops a more personal, introducing here and there with touches of progressive.

The band signed to Philips in 1970 and released in the wake of its eponymous album. Far from the Mercury album, the album is dominated by contributions from Nick Pickett on violin.

While some songs are saved from the wreck (the excellent Lady Luck), the fact remains that the proposed music lacks punch.

Yet the fate of its meetings Nine By Nine, which will rank number 1 in France in 1971. And that will give John Dummer notoriety. Info thanks to PHROCK.

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