Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Folly's Pool - Folly's Pool 1977

Begun in 1975 by Doug and Jeff Carlson, this Fresno, California based band toured the California extensively in the 1970's and 80's. As the band's popularity increased additional musicians were added to the mix. The core elements in place, in 1977 they recorded an obscure album of acoustic based rural rock with folk, prog & country.

A little musical gem, featuring the indisputable talents of guitarist and singer/songwriter Steve Ono and his chums aka Folly's Pool. Originally a private pressing released in 1977 on Century Records under the stewardship of Fresno-born Ono, the album sees the band take us on a tour de force of acoustic-based rural rock with folk, prog and country influences often in the background.

At times Folly's Pool sounds like they're trying to be The Eagles or Loggins & Messina, but in many ways this does the band a disservice as they have successfully created an individual approach to their music which often turns the ordinary into the exceptional (the cunning transformation from folk to prog of "Jig In A" is worth the price of admission alone) and the high standard of everything the band plays (the stunning electric guitar solos are particularly fine) makes this album one to get one's teeth into!

In year 2008 they released their second copmlete work "Road Through Independence" an excellent smooth, piano-based adult rock album. The sound is very "California" with touches of Southern rock attitude.

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