Friday, June 24, 2011

Soul Children - Friction 1974

Just amazing 70′s soul.The Soul Children took over vocal chores from Sam & Dave after the latter duo had left Stax. Peter Guralnick, in his excellent book Sweet Soul Music (Virgin p/b), described them as “Sweet harmonies and church wrecking emotion” and who could disagree with such a perfect description.
One of the most fantastic albums ever about cheatin' and runnin' around behind the back of your loved one, and easily the best thing the Soul Children ever did. Totally solid all the way through, and clearly conceived as a concept album dealing with romantic "friction". Includes the hit "I'll Be The Other Woman", but all of the tracks are great, especially "What's Happening Baby" and "Love Makes It Right". Great great great! (Cover has a split top seam and a cutout notch.)

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