Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stephen Whynott - From Philly To Tablas 1977

This is the album that won Stephen the honor of being voted one of the unsung artists of 1978 by Modern Recording Magazine. "From Philly To Tablas" was recorded at Intermedia Sound in Boston, Mass. and was released on the Seattle based indie record label Music Is Medicine, a subsidiary of First American Records. The vinyl record & cover are in excellent condition. AN AUTOGRAPHED MESSAGE INCLUDED! SONGS: Retreat Suite, What Have You Seen, Altitude, Rain Swollen Highway, Nine Day Sunflower, Without Us, Go Around, Snow's Edge, Mexican Oil, Oh Boy! I've Won The Contest At Last... MUSICIANS: Zed McLarnon-bass; Dave Humphries-drums; Cleve Pozar-drums, tablas, & percussion; Dan Frye-melatron, electric & acoustic piano, organ; Michael Kaman-oboe; Stephen Whynott-electric & acoustic guitars, acoustic piano, organ, drums, harmonica. REVIEWS: (Modern Recording Magazine) From the opening chords of "Retreat Suite" to the whimsical "Oh Boy! I've Won The Contest At Last", Whynott and his colleagues, including oboist Michael Kaman, create a fine musical package... (Billboard Magazine) A magical record from a sensitive, yet streetwise, troubadour & poet. This is a special album for special people. It is folk & rock ballads. All are lovingly composed, simple yet complex, and above all, it is beautiful in both conception and presentation. Stephen Whynott is not well known, but one listen to this album will bring him into your life. His music is magic; his words are poetry, and his voice & guitar create lovingly tender stories, orchestrated with great sensitivity. If you let him in, he will reach out and touch you. (The Gazette Journal, Reno) Outside stuff; out of the ordinary folk music with rock thrown in here & there.

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