Saturday, December 31, 2011

Spud - The Happy Handful 1975

Spud released 2 albums on the Philips record label - their 1975 debut 'A Silk Purse' and 'The Happy Handful' (also in 1975). With these two albums already under their belt, the band brought in Paul McGuinness to manage the band. Paul did his first record deal with Sonet which resulted in the release of Spud's third album, 'Smoking on The Bog', in 1978. The band toured for over 8 years and all the ex-members still play. An Irish folk-rock group whose albums are bound to be of interest to Celtic music lovers. Their debut album includes a competent version of the well-known traditional song "Blackleg Miner" amongst others. The third album comes with a lyric sheet. By this time of its release, O'Connor had been replaced by Dave Gaynor (drums) and multi-instrumentalist Ken Wilson also joined. This is generally regarded as their best album, a sorta good-time folk offering, but they've been dormant since.

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